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4 Beginner Sewing Projects

If you’re just beginning to cultivate your skill with a needle and thread, it can be daunting to pick a first project. Here are four easy ones to launch your sewing hobby.

Velvet pouches

This leaf-print velvet pouch from Martha Stewart makes a great holder for glasses, electronics or knitting needles. You’ll want to choose a ribbon that’s wide enough for whatever item you want the pouch to hold. For instance, for knitting needles, a 2-inch wide ribbon would suffice, while a 6-inch wide ribbon would work better for larger objects. To make the pouch, first lay a sprig of greenery on an ironing board. Lay the ribbon (nap-side down) on top of it. Hold the iron on it for 15-20 seconds to imprint the pattern onto the velvet. Last, stitch the sides closed, leaving a flap to close the pouch. You can use a sewing machine or hand-sew the sides, depending on your preference.


This easy headband comes together quickly when you follow the simple instructions provided by Melissa Mora from Melly Sews. You’ll need a needle and thread, safety pin and stretchy knit fabric 18 inches long by 4-8 inches wide. The finished headband should measure 3.5 inches when finished. (Mora also includes instructions on her website for customizing the pattern to better suit the size of your head.) For the first step, fold the fabric in half, with the right sides together, matching the long edges. Stitch the long side closed, leaving a gap of approximately 1 inch on one side of the tube. Next, stitch around the tube to sew the raw edges together in a circle. With the help of the safety pin, turn the headband right side out so the seams are hidden. Use small stitches to sew the gap closed.

Herb sachets

Ditch the mothballs for this more fragrant alternative to preserve your sweaters. These scented sachets from Martha Stewart are the perfect project for beginners. Gather the following items: a sewing kit, 5-inch fabric squares (two squares for each sachet you want to sew) and pinking shears. You’ll also need dried herbs. Stewart recommends using a combination of lavender, wormwood and tansy, which have moth-repellent properties. Sew two squares together, using a 1/2-inch seam allowance. Make sure to leave a 1.5-inch opening on one side. Trim the edges with the pinking shears for a zigzag effect. Fill the sachet with the dried herbs, then hand-sew the 1.5-inch gap shut.

Infinity scarf

Melissa Mora shares this helpful tutorial on how to sew an infinity scarf. You’ll need a sewing machine and a piece of fabric that’s 2 yards long by 22 inches wide. Sew the long edge to form a long tube shape. With the seam facing up, start to turn the tube inside out. Stick your arm through the tube, grab the seam at the bottom and pull it back through until the ends match up and the seams are aligned. Pin the right sides of the fabric together all around the edge of the tube. Start to sew around the tube and stop sewing when there’s 3-4 inches of fabric between the needle and where you started the seam. Grab some of the fabric from the inside and start pulling it out. (The right side of the fabric should show and the seams will be hidden.) Hand-stitch the gap closed.

Start your sewing adventures on the right foot (or thread) when you pick one of these rewarding projects to complete.

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