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Say Hello to the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant

BMW intelligent personal assistant
Science-fiction has led us all to dream of the day where we can speak to our vehicles and have our needs met without lifting a finger. BMW now makes fiction fact with the all-new BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant. The BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant is a proprietary in-vehicle artificial intelligence that acts when summoned by the command, “Hey BMW,” to do everything from control vehicle functions to simply have a conversation.

Offered for vehicles featuring the new BMW iDrive 7.0 and Live Cockpit Professional, the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant will adapt to your habits over time, learning your preferred comfort settings, entertainment choices and destinations. If you were to say, “Hey BMW, I’m hot,” the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant will respond by adjusting the temperature in the vehicle to better meet your preferences. If you tell the Intelligent Personal Assistant that you feel tired, it can adjust the mood lighting and music to help make you feel more alert. The more you interact with your BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant, the more it learns and the better able it is to improve your driving experience.

The BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant also provides a greater level of interaction with your vehicle. You can use the AI to ask about specific functions and features of your BMW, learn about its health and schedule service appointments all without having to take your hands off the wheel or your eyes off the road. Make dinner plans, stay in contact with your family, navigate around traffic and stay informed of the world around you — you can do it all with the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant.

To further distinguish your Intelligent Personal Assistant as your companion, you can assign it a name you choose, and it will respond to it in kind. You can also ask it any question you please, like whether it knows the meaning of life or what it knows about other topics, helping you stay engaged on long drives.

The BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant is available on select new BMW vehicles. Contact your preferred BMW dealer to learn more about this innovative feature and all the new technologies driving BMW forward.

This article is presented by BMW of Cincinnati North.
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