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How is a Volvo like a Mask ??
Not only does it protect against injury in crashes,
it bathes its occupants with clean, filtered air !


The CleanZone initiative is Volvo Cars’ unique approach to improving in-car air that uses innovative solutions to create an altogether healthier driving environment. Back in the mid-1990s, Volvo Cars established specifications and began testing in order to create an in-car environment that would be safe for hypersensitive people.

With the release of the all-new XC90 Volvo took a big step forwards regarding the quality of air we can expect to breathe in our cars. The reason for this dramatic improvement in interior air quality was the introduction of a larger, more efficient multi- filter. Thanks to its size, the new multi-filter is capable of intercepting more particles and pollen than ever before. It also features a layer of active charcoal, which is designed to effectively remove a wide variety of contaminants that can cause harm to a driver’s health.

Volvo Cars is proud of delivering a constant stream of human-centric innovations – such as CleanZone, the feature that makes air inside our cars healthy, however bad the air
quality outside. All air passes through a filter that reduces the level of dust, pollen and other particles, while an active charcoal layer acts on chemical odours, and filters out harmful substances such as exhaust gas particles.

This multi-filter, however, is just one of the elements that make up the state-of-the-art Interior Air Quality System (IAQS) that can be found in newer Volvo cars. There is also a sensor that monitors incoming air for noxious substances. If the level of harmful substances detected is deemed too high, e.g. if you happen to be driving through a tunnel, the car’s air intake closes automatically. By working together, the new multi-filter and sensor are able keep out a host of harmful and irritating pollutants.

The Volvo S90, V90 and XC90 also have a new display that lets you know if the interior air quality deteriorates. An icon on the 9-inch centre display touch screen changes from blue – which means that conditions are fine – to grey if, for instance, you open a window and unfiltered air gets into the cabin or you turn off the air quality sensor. However, air continues to be passed through the multi-filter. It’s a gentle reminder that CleanZone is always watching out for your wellbeing.*

Filtering the air from outside is only one part of the CleanZone solution – removing harmful emissions that originate within the car is just as important. This is why Volvo has set up a rigorous test programme designed to monitor, control and minimise interior emissions. This test programme includes Volvo Cars’ Nose Team, whose expert members spend their days testing the odors given off by different objects, such as the materials used in floor mats, seat, dash and inner door coverings, and child safety seats, to determine whether they are acceptable or too strong.

Another new innovation in Volvo Cars’ mission to provide a clean in-car environment is remote cabin ventilation. Remote cabin ventilation gives Volvo drivers the option of activating the ventilation system before entering the car. This helps reduce odours and replaces the existing cabin air with purified outside air before anyone steps into the car. This function is automatically activated when the car doors are unlocked using the remote key.

Raising the bar again to further inprove air quality, Volvo has introduced the world's first Advanced Air Quality System, now available in most 2021 models.

Fine particulate matter (PM2.5) is a major health impairing air pollutant. These extremely small particles can seriously impair the human respiratory system. That’s why Volvo designed the Air Quality System. By efficiently helping to reduce or eliminate the levels of PM2.5 inside your Volvo, this technology significantly contributes to a healthy cabin environment. Co-developed with a premier Swedish Air Filtration System supplier, Blueair, Air Quality with Advanced Air Cleaner is a Volvo world first!

The Advanced Air Cleaner utilizes a high voltage ionizer that charges fine particulate matter from the incoming air so that pollutants are better trapped in the cabin filter and prevented from entering the passenger cabin.   Additionally, the levels of PM2.5 particles in the cabin are constantly being moditored and performance is visualized in the vehicles’ center display. So you can always feel reassured that the air you breathe inside the car is as clean and healthy as possible.

The Advanced Air Cleaner charges particles utilizing this ionizing unit where all particles entering the filtration system are charged by ions emitted to the air flow. The particles are trapped in the cabin filter made of synthetic fibers. The filtration force is mostly mechanical for particles greater than 1 µm (micrometer) while particles
less than 1 µm micrometer) are removed with both mechanical and electrostatic forces. Together with the filter, the Advanced Air Cleaner, stops up to 95% of all hazardous PM 2.5 (particulate matter) from entering the cabin.

You can also clean the cabin air from particles and gases before you enter your Volvo! Using the Volvo On Call Cleaning function and get to know the interior air quality before entering the car. The system will activate a 2-minute blowout of the cabin and then a 3-minute recirculation will clean the cabin from particles. Less than 25 ug/m3 (Micrograms per Cubic Meter of Air) is considered to be ideal interior air quality.

This Advanced Air Cleaning unit is positioned in the Humidity Water Air Separator which, in turn, is in direct contact with the outside air Intake in the HVAC (Heating-, Ventilating- and Air-Conditioning unit).

The cleaning efficiency of the Volvo with Air Quality surpases that of other brand's, even with those who utilize an ionizer.   This is because
Volvo utilizes a higher voltage ionizer located directly in the air in-take, before of the cabin filter; whereas completion primarily use a lower voltage ionizer to charge the air after
their cabin filter to give more of a ‘fresh air aroma, some even adding a fragrance’ not to filter the cabin air of particulate matter.

Just one of the many reasons of what makes a Volvo, a Volvo different from all the rest! Quality, Safety, Well Being for all - inside and outside the car itself.

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