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These Are the 5 Worst Things You're Doing to Your Eyes

Woman staring at multiple screens
When it comes to perceiving the world around us, the importance of our eyes cannot be overestimated. While our eyes are built to be tough and last a lifetime, they aren’t immune to damage. Unfortunately, people often damage their eyes without even realizing it. There are tons of things we do to our eyes every day that could have long-lasting effects on our overall eye health. Here are just five of the worst things we subject our eyes to.
Staring at screens
This one may be obvious, but it’s definitely still a major problem. Bright screens dominate our lives; whether they be computer screens, TV screens, or smartphone screens, people spend a lot of time staring at these bright devices. The lights behind screens can cause eye fatigue and strain, and can lead to vision problems later in life. In the short term, excessive screen use can cause bad headaches and dizziness. With so many people using screens to work, write, read books, talk to friends, or simply scroll through their social media, this is a problem that effects nearly every human being in the modern age.
Rubbing your eyes
While giving your eyes a quick rub may seem like a good way to relieve some stress or eye strain, you should be careful while doing so. Putting too much pressure on your eyes while rubbing them could lead to your retinas being scratched or squeezed too hard. You can also rupture blood vessels in your eye, resulting in them being bloodshot. Even worse, bacteria from your hands can be transferred to your eyes while rubbing, resulting in infections like pink eye.
Wearing the wrong glasses
If you’re one of the millions of people that rely on eyeglasses to see properly, making sure that those glasses are properly used is important to long-lasting eye health. Always be sure that you are wearing the most up-to-date prescription lenses; old lenses can give you serious eye strain. Never use another person’s glasses; their prescription will be different from yours, and even a few minutes of looking through lenses not made for your eyes can cause damage. Also make sure that you have any major scratches and damages to your lenses fixed, since these can also cause problems.
Using too much makeup
If you enjoy applying makeup and looking your best, be wary about how that makeup is effecting your eyes. Applying things like mascara or eyeliner too close to your eyelash line can block oil glands, resulting in bacterial growth around your eyes. Failure to remove makeup before you go to sleep can also result in clogged pores and eye irritation. Always be sure to scrub off your makeup at the end of the day, and take extra care to remove anything around your eyes. Replacing your makeup every three months also prevents bacteria from growing and effecting you.
Not wearing goggles
Although they may not be the most aesthetically pleasing addition to your swimming ensemble, goggles play an important part in protecting your eyes from a number of harmful effects. Swimming in a chlorinated pool without goggles invites a number of nasty things into your eyes, including pool-cleaning chemicals, bacteria, and even traces of sweat, urine, and fecal matter. As long as you enter pools and lakes with a set of goggles that fit snugly around your eyes, you should be protected.
With these facts at your disposal, your journey to healthier eyes can now begin.
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