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June 20
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North Park Lexus of San Antonio
DIY Spa Day Ideas
Bring the spa to your home

After a busy work week, it’s great to be able to unwind and practice self-care. If you want to feel fully relaxed but don’t want to pay for services at a spa, try your hand at some DIY spa treatments from the comfort of your home.

Soak in the tub

Taking a bath is a simple way to loosen up your body and put your mind at ease. Nevertheless, to make the most of your bath, be sure to set the mood before soaking in the tub. Put on some relaxing music as well as light a few candles in calming scents, such as lavender, vanilla and jasmine. Plants are also great additions to the bathroom since they can make the area feel more pleasant and inviting, whether or not you’re having a spa day.

To add some fun to your bathing experience, you can drop a bath bomb into the tub. Not only can bath bombs change the color of the water and release delightful fragrances, but they can also moisturize your skin as long as they have high-quality components. Throughout your bath, stay hydrated by drinking water infused with fruit.

Focus on your face

There’s a lot that goes into proper skincare, and you can enjoy each step of your beauty regimen when you incorporate it into your spa day. Applying a face mask is a quick way to hydrate your skin, prevent breakouts and remove excess oil, depending on the ingredients. You can either purchase a mask from the store or make your own. A great DIY option for softening your skin is a matcha mask, which is comprised of matcha tea, olive oil, honey and water mixed together.

While the rest of your face is covered in the mixture, give your eyes some love by putting eye patches on the undereye area to relieve any puffiness you may have. After you remove your mask and patches, put on a hyaluronic acid serum to retain moisture for longer.

Care for your entire body

Although your face is well-deserving of attention on your at-home spa day, you should also dedicate time to pampering the rest of your body. You can place a mask over your hands to moisturize them and then massage some lotion into your skin for some extra self-care. At the same time that you tend to your hands, let your feet soak in a bowl of warm water with your favorite scents added in.

When wrapping up your day, grab a bristle brush and move it in circular motions along your body, going from your feet to your chest. By doing so, you can effectively exfoliate and increase blood circulation. Once you’re finished dry brushing, you can wash off in the shower.

Treating your body with kindness doesn’t have to be an expensive or rare experience. Whenever you need a break from life’s daily stressors, be sure to give these DIY spa day ideas a try.

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