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Summer Volunteering Ideas

Summer offers an abundance of opportunities for you to volunteer. Your children will need an activity to keep them occupied while on summer break, and young professionals can boost their resumes with instances of community engagement. Spend some of your summertime giving back to your community and making memories through these volunteering options.

Clean up a park

Summer is the best time of the year to enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors. Unfortunately, that beauty is all too often tarnished by improperly disposed litter. You can help restore the beauty and health of your community’s park by picking up any litter and properly disposing of it — and that’s something you can do any time of the year.

Plant a tree or start a garden

Speaking of nature’s beauty, make your city greener by volunteering to maintain a garden or plant trees throughout the neighborhood. You can either join a group of fellow plant-lovers, like the Nature Conservancy, or create a garden in your own backyard. The abundance of flora will also benefit wildlife in the area, such as pollinating bees and butterflies.

Offer a tutoring service

Just because children are on break from school doesn’t mean opportunities for education are absent during summer. You can offer your services as a tutor to help students receive the continued education that they need to thrive. Tutoring can extend beyond grade school students; you can volunteer to offer instruction on specific skills to those already in the workforce, through programs at community centers and libraries.

Provide assistance at a foodbank

During the school year, many low-income families can count on schools to provide their children with nutritious meals. Once summer break begins, it’s a lot more difficult for these families to receive the meals they need. According to PublicHealth, one way that you can provide assistance to these families is by volunteering at a food bank. Even if you cannot donate any of your time, you can always drop off non-perishable goods for the food bank to distribute.

Participate in a marathon or 5K

According to PBS, some of the most common philanthropic events held during the summer season are marathons or 5Ks. Participating in one of these races will improve your health and raise money for a worthy cause. If you’re not ready for that physical strain, you can volunteer to collect information or prepare water and refreshments for runners during the event.

Volunteer at a nonprofit

If your children are on break from college and want a summer job that provides them with relevant skills, encourage volunteering at a nonprofit organization. Many nonprofits offer unpaid internships over the summer. While their friends may be working seasonal jobs for money, the experiences that nonprofit work offers can ultimately open new doors for your child’s career path.

However you decide to volunteer this summer, your actions will benefit your community and the people that live in it.

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