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Creative Ways to Say Thank You

Although powerful and meaningful, sometimes just saying the words “thank you” isn’t enough to express the enormity of your gratitude. Say thank you to someone or someones who’ve helped you with the creative suggestions below.

Write it down

Emotion can cloud your ability to think and speak clearly and completely. A simple thank you in the moment is sufficient, but after some time has passed, you might realize there is so much more you wanted and needed to say. If that’s the case, grab a pen and some paper, a premade thank you card or note, or compose a digital note and record your thoughts. Hit send or seal the envelope and drop your thank you in the mail. Your recipient will be touched that you took the time to fully express your thanks.

Post on social media

If articulating your thanks in private doesn’t feel like enough, and the person you’re thanking wouldn’t mind some public accolades, turn to social media. The digital platform of your choice will not only allow you to communicate your thanks in a big way, but it will also celebrate the person who helped you and may inspire others to act kindly as well.

Present a gift

A sweet token of your gratitude such as cookies, a cake, brownies, chocolates or other treat you know your recipient will enjoy is a thoughtful way to say thank you. A note, letter or card attached to the confection will allow you to further express your appreciation for their help.

Borrow from Mother Nature

Mother Nature is constantly giving the world gifts with her bounty of exquisite plants and beautiful flowers. Why not borrow the best from the natural world around you and send a lovely bouquet of flowers to your friend? Not only is this a sentimental way to say thank you, a gift of flowers will also brighten your friend’s day and table. Plus, the flowers will be a multiple day reminder — if properly cared for — of your appreciation.

Extend your helping hand

Another way to honor your friend’s selflessness in your time of need is to pay it forward to someone else who needs your help. Whether it’s for an individual or with a charitable organization, your helping hand will be greatly appreciated.

Return the favor

Perhaps what you needed most was someone to watch your kids when work or a special event kept you away, or a ride when your car was in the shop or extra muscle with your move or house project. Be ready and willing to return the favor to the friend who answered your cry for help.

Break bread

The most meaningful way you can say thank you and connect with someone is over a meal. If you fancy yourself a cook, offer to make your thank you-recipient a meal. If your cooking skills are a bit rusty, spring for lunch, dinner, a snack or even just coffee at a restaurant they enjoy. The food isn’t really what’s important — it’s the time you spend together.

There are many ways to say thank you. As long as your words or actions are sincere, the person you’re thanking will hear and feel your appreciation.

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