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4 Car Care Tips to Avoid a Spooky Repair Bill

Upset woman standing in front of a broken down car
With Halloween on the horizon, it’s a good time to get scared with a trip to a haunted house or cozying up in front of a classic horror movie. But one way you absolutely won’t want to get scared is with an expensive car repair bill. To avoid a frightful financial burden, consider a few car care tips that’ll keep your vehicle healthy through Halloween and beyond.  
Use your owner’s manual
In order to cast an effective life spell, a witch needs their trusty book of curses and incantations. If you’re looking to extend the life of your vehicle, your owner’s manual comes every bit in handy. This tome contains manufacturer-recommended service intervals as well as key information like tire pressure levels and dashboard light meanings.
As The Drive’s Tommy Markovich notes, owner’s manuals include service logs toward the back that allow you to keep track of the work that’s done. Keep this updated and cross-reference with the recommended services in the manual, and your car likely won’t cause you as much toil or trouble.
Pay attention to the signs
If you’ve seen a horror movie, you’ve probably seen a character foolishly go into a dark room alone to investigate a strange noise. While those situations might have you shouting at the screen, you should never ignore unusual sounds or odors made by your car.
Whether it’s screeching brakes, rattling under the hood, or a loud knocking noise when turning, unusual noises are your car’s way of warning you that something is wrong. The same can be said for musty smells, strange puddles beneath the vehicle, or excessive vibrating. If something seems amiss, the best way to be sure that a small problem doesn’t become a bigger one is to bring it to your dealership.
Turn toward the light
A lit jack-o’-lantern resting on your front porch stoop is a welcome sight on a cool autumn evening. Less welcome? The sight of a symbol illuminated on your dash during your next drive.
If you have places to go and people to scare, you may be inclined to put off addressing a dashboard light. However, if you want to keep your vehicle running strong when you need it, you should find time in your busy scare-dule to have it diagnosed by a certified professional.
Trust the experts
When you visit your dealership for maintenance, your service advisor should give you a clear idea of when you’ll be due for another check-up or even specific services. Heed their warning — you wouldn’t turn down the advice of Van Helsing when you’re hunting a vampire, would you?
Staying up to date on regular service as suggested by professionals helps you avoid unexpected and unwanted car troubles. Between visits, consider your dealership’s service department a resource for your questions and concerns. With a professional at your side, you can easily exorcise the demons that could plague your vehicle before they take hold.
Sometimes, a big repair bill is unavoidable, but taking preventative action minimizes the likelihood of having it happen to you. Stay on top of maintenance, trust the advice of experts, and pay attention to what your car is trying to tell you. With these steps, you can hope to use more of your hard-earned money for treats in the long run.
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