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3 Benefits of Taking a Fall Vacation

Taking time off from work is a great way to reduce stress, but planning a vacation can be stressful in its own right. From the money spent on airfare and accommodations to concerns about crowds, there’s enough potential anxiety around taking a sabbatical to make you want to skip it altogether. Vacationing in the fall, however, may help you cut down on that stress while saving some money and time in the process.

Lower cost

If you’re conflicted about taking vacation because of budgetary reasons, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much more affordable it can be to travel in the fall. Autumn is considered an off-peak season since it falls squarely between the most popular season for vacationing and the time of year that’s most dense with travel holidays. Because it’s a slow season for the airlines between September and early November, it’s easier to find great prices on domestic and international airfare.

Fall being an off-peak season also means that you can find good lodging in major destination cities for less money. Steve Larese of The Travel Channel writes that some of the most exquisite hotels and resorts in Europe offer can’t-miss deals and packages in the autumn, letting you reap the benefits and enjoy a dream vacation for a fraction of the price.

Smaller crowds

With summer and winter being the most common targets for family vacations, you’re less likely to have trouble booking accommodations in the fall. Not only is it easier to find flights and places to stay, but you also won’t have as much of a crowd to fight when you arrive at your destination. That means easier access to popular attractions, whether it’s grabbing a spot on a beach or a table at a world-renowned restaurant.

Another built-in benefit of smaller crowds that Larese points out is better service. Because the lines to get into restaurants and cafes won’t be as long, you won’t feel pressured to hurry up with your meal so that the waitstaff can free up the table for another customer. This is particularly nice if you’ve got a great seat at a restaurant with a scenic view or you want to really savor your romantic meal with your partner.

Seasonal benefits

While many of the benefits of traveling in the autumn have to do with the fact that it’s not one of the other three seasons, there are plenty of season-specific reasons why fall is one of the best times to travel. Fiona Tapp, writing for Reader’s Digest, notes that fall foliage is reason enough to take a trip to a place like New England, the Pacific Northwest or Aspen, Colorado. You’ll also have no shortage of festivals and events to check out, ranging from fall food festivals and Oktoberfest to haunted attractions and ghost tours.

Fall also gives you a nice balance between the high temperatures of summer and the frigid cold of winter, making it a great season for outdoor adventuring or strolling through a small town. While the weather is by no means predictable, you can generally bank on mild temperatures and conditions depending on where you travel. If you’re looking to head somewhere like New Orleans or Florida, you can even enjoy warm, summer-like days in late October.

Before you start buying your tickets and packing your bags, check to make sure that the places and events you want to visit will be open this fall. If everything is good to go and you feel comfortable taking the trip, your fall vacation will help you head into 2021 feeling more refreshed and with a better perspective on what’s important in life.

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