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4 Car Care New Year's Resolutions

Couple standing in front of a car
Make 2022 the best year yet — for yourself and for your car. While you’re making New Year’s resolutions aimed at improving yourself in some way, why not make some resolutions to improve the condition of your daily driver? Put your vehicle on the road to a healthier state by making these car care resolutions for 2022.
Follow the maintenance schedule
Your car relies on its mechanical systems to function properly. So if you neglect to properly service those systems, your car won’t perform well. Start the habit of checking under the hood on a monthly basis. Here’s what the car experts at Haynes suggest: “Check all the fluids and top them off … Check your brake pads and shoes for wear. Have your battery tested (or do it yourself with a multimeter). Make sure your belts and hoses are all in good shape.” The engine oil, transmission fluid, coolant, brake fluid, power steering fluid, and wiper fluid should all be full and grime-free. If it’s been too long since you’ve brought your car to a mechanic for an oil change or general inspection, schedule one first thing in January.
Keep an eye on tire pressure and condition
Your car relies on its tires to keep it rolling down the road, so faulty tires can seriously throw off your control of your vehicle. Whenever you approach your car, you should take a quick look at the tires to ensure none of them look underinflated. If they do, check the air pressure right away. “If it’s low or uneven, grab your compressor or head for the service station to inflate and equalize,” advises Mike Hagerty of the NAPA Know How blog. “Your car will ride better, your traction will improve, and your tires will wear evenly and last longer.” Also keep an eye on the condition of the tires to catch any potentially problematic abnormalities, like bulges or cracks. If the tread is wearing down, buy a new set of tires before they become dangerous to drive on.

Clean the interior — and keep it that way
If you have to move junk around in your car whenever a friend sits in it, or you have to apologize for a spill that you still haven’t cleaned up, commit to giving your vehicle’s interior a thorough cleansing right away. In addition to tossing out trash and purging things you don’t need, that includes scrubbing the inside. “Spending a little scratch to have the carpets and floor mats vacuumed is one thing, but going all-in on a detailing job that takes care of upholstery stains, A/C vent dust and all the other hard-to-get stuff can really be worth it,” says Jerry Renshaw of Advance Auto Parts. Once you’ve restored the cabin to like-new condition, make sure you preserve it by cleaning up after yourself anytime you make a mess. That way you won’t have to do this again next year.
Read the owner’s manual
How can you take better care of your car if you don’t know much about it? Take an evening to study the ins and outs of your car by reading the manual that came with it. This useful guide will walk you through everything you need to know about the vehicle — and teach you a lot in the process.
The better care you take of your car this coming year, the more years it’ll be around in the future. A longer-lasting, properly functioning car starts with committing to car care habits like these. Don’t put them off for another year!
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