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from "Cradle to College"   !

We wanted to write to share a Volvo success story. Our son, Isaac, was born in March 2005 and came home from the hospital in the 2004 Volvo XC70 that we had purchased only six months before. (That’s him in the baby carrier.) It was our first new car purchase and we picked that model because of its record of safety, reliability, and durability.

Speaking of which: Isaac turned 16 in March 2021, and guess which car is his now? That same 2004 Volvo XC70, with 139,134 miles on it, and which is only about six months older than him. (The picture on is him with the XC70 & driver’s license in his pocket). He’s a little bigger now (21 inches at birth, 76 inches now at age 16) & is behind the wheel instead of in a car seat, but the Volvo still fits! [Well: fits sorta. He’s a little too tall to fit comfortably behind the wheel for this to be a car he can drive often.]

We thought you’d like to see this cradle-to-steering wheel story. Thanks for making such a durable and safe car for our family! Matt D.
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