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4 Easy Ways You Can Go Green
It’s easy to help the environment by making these simple lifestyle changes

Now, more than ever, the Earth needs your help. You don’t have to go to extremes to do your part; there are many easy ways to go green. Try implementing any or all of these lifestyle changes to help the environment.

Start recycling at home

The first step to recycling at home is educating yourself on what can be recycled. While you might think all plastic can be tossed in your blue bin, some of it unfortunately cannot be broken down or reused. The number in the center of the imprinted triangle on your plastic — one through seven — denotes the type of plastic and its ability to be recycled. However, it’s best to contact your local public recycling center to get the full details of what they do or do not accept. Once you’ve learned what you can recycle, you can buy a proper recycling bin that fulfills your needs.

Stop buying bottled water

Speaking of plastic, you should try to avoid purchasing it altogether. Supply and demand is what causes more plastic to be created. If you and many others stop buying plastic products when it’s applicable, the production of plastic will eventually decrease. Opt for a long-term water bottle that you can reuse and take to school or work. If you’re worried about water quality, there are many filtered bottle options that will pay for themselves after you’ve refilled them a few times.

Use reusable bags when shopping

When you go to the grocery store, instead of answering the “Paper or plastic?” question with one of those options, pull out your reusable shopping bags instead. Many grocery chains sell bags of their own and plenty of bookstores offer canvas tote bags for purchase. Some shops even offer credits for those who use their own bags and, alternatively, can charge customers for using plastic bags. The best place to keep your reusable bags is in your car or near the door to your home so you don’t forget them when you head to the grocery store.

Walk or bike to close places

If the weather outside is not too extreme, consider walking or biking to your destination. Of course, if you’re in a time crunch or need to travel along highways, a vehicle is your best — and safest — option. But if you want to head to the ice cream shop down the street or go to your friend’s house a couple neighborhoods over, think about the possibility of an alternate method of transportation. You’ll want to stay hydrated when traveling in the natural environment, so don’t forget your reusable water bottle on your journey.

Whether you start small or go all out with your environmental efforts, the Earth will thank you. And if you want to do even more, encourage others to go green and educate your friends about what they can do to help.

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