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4 Martial Arts Schools in the Tri-State

If you’re interested in honing your self-defense skills or gaining some new talents, enroll in a martial arts school. The Tri-State area has a variety of schools to choose from, so you and your family can take the classes that best match your experiences and goals.

Anderson’s Martial Arts Academy (New York)

Founded in 1996, Anderson’s Martial Arts Academy has a great reputation for teaching students practical self-defense skills. As one of the oldest training centers for martial sport in New York City, the academy has the expertise and experience to help you succeed in its various programs. You can learn Jeet Kune Do, which is based on Bruce Lee’s theories about street fighting. You can also take Filipino martial arts, muay thai, Brazilian jiujitsu and kickboxing classes. In the children’s program, your little ones can develop their self-confidence, memory and self-defense skills while having fun. Plus, no matter which membership you choose, you have unlimited use of the facility to make the most of each workout.

North Jersey MMA Academy (New Jersey)

North Jersey MMA Academy offers a facility where your whole family can enjoy learning new skills. Each program emphasizes gaining strength, discipline and health. There are Brazilian jiujitsu and kickboxing classes for both beginners and more advanced students. Children who are 4 to 12 years old can also take Brazilian jiujitsu classes in a fun and high-energy atmosphere. The mixed martial arts program trains students for either a professional or amateur fight team, which competes in kickboxing, submission grappling or MMA events.

Connecticut Martial Arts (Connecticut)

The family-friendly environment at Connecticut Martial Arts fosters a community that supports you as you work towards your goals. Each class works to improve both your body and your mind so you can boost your self-esteem. The children’s martial arts program helps children gain better coordination, gross motor skills and self-confidence. In the muay thai kickboxing classes, you can learn self-defense skills and complete a full-body workout. There’s also a cardio kickboxing class that’s only for women, which helps you get in better shape and reduce your stress level.

Family Karate PA (Pennsylvania)

At Family Karate PA, you and your loved ones can learn taekwondo in more modern training sessions, which combine fitness, mental discipline and self-defense. Adults can lose weight, make new friends and live a healthier lifestyle, while children can become better listeners and find out how to resolve conflicts without violence. The cardio kickboxing program is also available to help you gain flexibility, stamina and coordination. For the chance to train alongside people of all ages, you can join the Demonstration Team, which displays martial arts skills at public events, using creative choreography. You can also host a birthday party at Family Karate PA, which includes games and fun activities that keep children active.

With so many added benefits for your physical, mental and emotional well-being, martial arts programs are great for the whole family. You can enroll at any of these schools in the Tri-State to learn an array of valuable skills.

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