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Car Care: Spring Maintenance Tips

Spring is finally here, and this change in seasons is all about tidying up the mess winter left behind. While you’re packing away cold-weather gear and dusting from floor to ceiling, make sure you show your car some love to help it shake off the remnants of the previous season.

Check the battery

A lot of car care guides will tell you to check your vehicle’s battery before winter hits, but you also should take a look at it after everything has melted away. According to CBS News, winter is the hardest on the starting parts of your car, like the starter and alternator, but it also takes the biggest toll on the battery. Besides getting the battery tested by a professional, be on the lookout for signs that it might be losing its charge, such as slower-than-normal power windows, dimming lights and remote issues.

Give it a bath

Besides the brutal cold, the salt and brine used to treat road surfaces takes a toll on your ride. It can exploit existing weaknesses and facilitate rust’s growth. To stop salt’s corrosion in its tracks, make sure that you take your vehicle to a car wash. The experts at Angie’s List say that it’s important to go somewhere with equipment to clean the undercarriage of the car. Salt loves to stick around, so it needs a targeted treatment to dissolve.

Examine the wipers

Like the battery, the windshield wipers of your car take a beating in the winter. Snow and ice can tear away at the blades, making it difficult for them to efficiently clear away springtime rain. Autotrader recommends examining the rubber blades for any cracking or damage, and be ready to replace them at the first sign of excessive streaks on the windows.

Turn on the air conditioning

Spring might be cool and comfortable, but its warm breezes are the heralds of summer’s brutal heat. While it might seem a bit early to do so, make sure that you turn on the air conditioner in your car. If it doesn’t reach its maximum chill in a normal time, CBS News recommends taking it in for service. You’ll beat other drivers into the service bay for repairs, and it’s better to fix the issue now before you’re sweating in traffic.

Spring is an invigorating time to embrace warmer weather and shake off the winter blues. Make sure that taking proper care of your car is high on your seasonal to-do list.

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