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Diversify Your Music Library with These Unique Genres

Music services often list playlists by genre, but sometimes it feels like there are so many genres now that you won’t ever see them all, let alone listen to them. If you’re looking for something new to add to your music library but don’t know where to look, here are some unique genres that will spice up your playlists.


The Solipsynthm genre involves one artist creating music from their laptop using synthesized sounds and beats. You won’t get much more experimental than this, as each artist is free to create whatever their heart desires.


Ectofolk, like many other varieties of folk music, has a heavy focus on string instruments like the guitar or the ukulele. Most of the vocalists are female, and the lyrics and sound of the string instrument play off each other in a simple but hypnotic, echoing tone that shows it takes a cue from folk, blues, and country genres.


The Zouk genre features upbeat and fast-paced songs that originated in the Caribbean islands around the 1980s with studio-produced sound and female backup singers. It usually features French Antillean Creole lyrics, so you’ll enjoy it if you speak the language or want something without English lyrics to listen to while you work. You can dance or tap your foot to the beat, and you might have trouble staying still while listening to it.


If you’ve ever watched a movie featuring a cyberpunk world, then you’ve probably heard Neurofunk already. Its high-tempo heavy techno beat and synthesized sounds originated in London in the late 1990s, and it combines some elements of techno, jazz, and house. To sum it up, take Dubstep, subtract the epic breakdowns, and add more techno sounds.


Lowercase adds a spin to the normal ambient music that you’d often hear in an elevator or other public spaces. Instead of getting a repetitive tune stuck in your head, Lowercase is very minimalist and places a huge emphasis on quiet sounds that you usually wouldn’t pay attention to.

Medieval Rock

No, not rock and roll from several hundred years ago. Medieval Rock combines rock music with musical elements you’d expect from the Medieval, Renaissance or Baroque period. It began as far back as the 1970s in Europe, and if you’ve been to a Renaissance festival then you’ve likely heard it in some form.

Martial Industrial

This one popped up in the late 20th century somewhere in Europe and is a genre you can traditionally march to with influences from other genres like neoclassical and post-punk. The steady tempo is nice during a walk or jog to the grocery store.


Your pet won’t want to dance to this genre, as it spun off of the Filthstep genre which is a subset of Dubstep taken one step further. To put it simply, Catstep is an aggressive version of an extreme version of Dubstep, and not something you’d usually put on while trying to fall asleep.


The Soukous genre is nearly sixty years old but didn’t boom in popularity until it hit France in the 1980s. It’s a form of African dance music from the Congo Basin area, and is often described as a faster-paced version of rumba. 

These genres keep your playlist fresh and new so you won’t tire of the same old songs, and they allow you to share your unique tastes with your friends.

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